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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016

    September 14, 2016

     Finally, our first blog of the year!!!! It's taken a bit of time (3 weeks to be exact) and we've covered lots of information so far, gotten to know each other better, and learned some very important rules and procedures.
     We're off to a great start having already worked on place value to the millions and adding and subtracting concepts. We've also briefly covered many of the multiplication facts--0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 11. We'll continue working on the other facts as well.
     We just finished up our first language arts unit which was a study of classic tales including the story of The Wind in the Willow written by Kenneth Grahame in 1908. We also worked on reading skills as the class read various classic stories from our small readers.
     The students have also had various opportunities to practice their writing skills as we've implemented the strategy Think-Write-Pair-Share (T.W.P.S) and worked on daily journal entries.

 Please Note:

**If you have not signed and returned the "Acceptable Use Policy" or E-signed by going to the school home page, please do so as soon as possible. Students are not allowed to use computers until a new policy is signed each year. We'll begin working on the computers as early as this Friday.

Upcoming Curriculum:

Language Arts:    
--This week we will begin unit 2 in language arts.  This unit is a fun one and includes Rattenborough, a spunky little mouse/narrator who will take us on a non-fiction adventure as the students learn about classification of animals. 
--We will also review the parts of a sentence including the subject, predicate, nouns, verbs and adjectives. 
--We will be working with prefixes -un & -non and suffixes -ed & -ing. 


--Our first spelling list will come home next week. Students will write their list each Monday and bring it home to study and we'll have our tests on Fridays.

--We will end chapter 1 Monday or Tuesday of next week and begin chapter 2 on Wednesday or Thursday. 
--We'll continue reviewing ways to add larger numbers mentally and using regrouping to add numbers up to 1,000.  We'll also continue our review of subtracting 3 digit numbers using regrouping. 
--Throughout chapter 2, students will learn about and review graphs, including picture graphs, bar graphs, horizontal and vertical bar graphs, and graph scales and keys

Science/Social Studies: 

--The language arts program we are currently using lends itself very well to many of our science and social studies concepts. The last unit was a great example of communities (other units will cover this concept in more detail) and the current unit helps students to explore classification of animals.

Upcoming Events:

September 21st        Hearing Screenings (K-3)
September 23rd       Fall Pictures 

Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Library & Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Music & P. E.  

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