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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 2016


Dear Parents, 
     Welcome back and Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a wonderful break. I had a restful holiday filled with family, friends, and lots of joy. Thanks again for the wonderful donations for our classroom party and games/supplies for our classroom.  
   We still need paper cardboard rolls that come from paper towels rolls, toilet paper rolls, the end of aluminum foil, etc for a project in this month. If you can send any of these items in, that would be great.
Math--We will finish chapter 6 this week and test on Wednesday. We will then move on to chapter 7 where the students will learn more about division facts and strategies.

Times Tables
Thank you to the parent helpers who have been able to work with the students one-on-one. Each Friday  your child has the opportunity to pass off a new set of multiplication facts, so  please study times tables with your child each day in order to prepare them.

Please take a few minutes to check and initial your child's homework each night. 
This helps me immensely. Checking the work also gives you a better understanding of the concepts we're working on in school and whether or not your child is understanding those concepts.

We're on unit 4 which focuses on Ancient Roman Civilizations

Please help your child study their words each week. We'll have a spelling test every Friday.

Although we have finished our keyboarding lessons, we will continue practicing those skills a couple times each week.

Unit Study (Science/Social Studies)
Science- Along with our Roller Coaster activity, we will be learning about Force & Motion for our science lessons.
Social Studies-As we move through our units and look ahead a bit (actually, Mrs. Holmes needs the credit for looking ahead), I'm discovering that the CKLA program is doing a great job of covering many, if not all of the 3rd grade social studies units.

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