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Friday, December 4, 2015

December 2015

    Happy Holidays to all!! I hope your Thanksgiving break was full of fun, family, and adventure!! We're staying busy here in the 3rd grade. We've been working our way through lots of curriculum and are now at the end of math chapter 5 and will begin chapter 6 on Monday (chapter 6 should take about two weeks). We've also been working on finishing up our cursive and keyboarding lessons, and I'm happy to say, we're almost to the end of instruction and ready for lots of practice. We continue to move along in the CKLA program and are currently working on unit 3. Unit 3 has been very interesting as we've studied the human body.  Mrs. Holmes shared a fabulous writing idea with our class, and the students are now enjoying their time writing about a day spent at Santa's Workshop. We're using this writing prompt to discuss parts of a narrative story.
     As you can tell, our days are full  of learning,  hard work, and fun. I can't express in words what a joy it is to have a part in the lives of such precious little people.  I'm truly grateful to you and your sweet children.
Here's to continued joy throughout your holiday season!

P.S. We need paper cardboard rolls that come from paper towels rolls, toilet paper role, the end of alumanim foil, etc for a project in January. If you can send any of these items in, that would be great.


Math--December 6-18th
Monday        6.1 Problem Solving-Model Division
Tuesday        6.2 Size of Equal Groups
Wednesday   6.3 Number of Equal Groups
Thursday      6.4 Model with Bar Models
Friday           6.5 Algebra--Relate Subtraction and Division
Monday        Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Tuesday        6.6 Model Arrays
Wednesday   6.7 Algebra_Relate Multiplication and Division
Thursday      6.8 Algebra-Write Related Facts
Friday           6.9 Algebra--Division Rules for 1 & 0

Times Tables
Thank you to the parent helpers who have been able to work with the students one-on-one. Each Friday  your child has the opportunity to pass off a new set of multiplication facts, so  please study times tables with your child each day in order to prepare them.

Please take a few minutes to check and initial your child's homework each night.

We're on unit 3  The Human Body: Systems and Senses

Please help your child study their words each week. We'll have a spelling test every Friday.

We're on our last couple of lessons, then we'll begin lots of practice. 

Unit Study (Science/Social Studies)
Students are allowed to bring a healthy snack to school to eat at their morning break. They are not required to do this, but some students are very hungry at this time and have a hard time concentrating on their work.

Have a super week!!!

Mrs. Sherratt

Upcoming Events...

December 18th   Christmas Party
December 18th Christmas Break Begins