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Monday, October 12, 2015

October 26-November 6

    Third Grade Thrills were a BLAST!!!!! I am so proud of all the hard work the students put forth in order to make it to the celebration on Friday!! We had a great time and especially loved the Thriller dance--Thanks to Tami Farish from Cedar High who sent three of her dancers to our school to volunteer as our Thriller dance instructors. We also appreciate Mr. Shirley who shared his wonderful artistic talents as he taught the 3rd grade students how to draw a portrait. Hopefully we'll put those new skills to use this week during our Halloween celebration.
   You should find a Q2 final grade printout in your child's folder tonight. Please look over the grades, sign, and return by Friday of this week. You should also find the first of our 3rd grade spelling lists. Please read the information included. I'll try my best to have our class ready to take the test this Friday...EEEEKKKKK, it's going to be tough to fit all the great info. in from the CKLA program this week.
     Speaking of CKLA, there is some very valuable information to be taught from the program this week. We'll be discussing prefixes, suffixes, nouns, verbs, and adjectives all this week. Not to mention a ton of comprehension skills and review.


Math--October 26-November 6
Monday        3.7  Multiply by 1 and 0
Tuesday        Review
Wednesday   Chapter 3 Test
Thursday      4.1  Multiply with 2 and 4
Friday           4.2  Multiply with 5 and 10
Monday        4.1  Multiply with 3 and 6
Tuesday        4.4 Algebra--Distributive Property
Wednesday   4.5 Multiply by 7
Thursday      4.6 Algebra--Associative Property of Multiplication
Friday           Mid-Chapter Checkpoint

Times Tables
 Thank you to the parent helpers who have been able to work with the students one-on-one. Each Friday  your child has the opportunity to pass off a new set of multiplication facts, so  please study times tables with your child each day in order to prepare them.

I would love some extra help!!! If you would begin checking your child's homework as you help them work through it each night, that would be an immense help to me. When your child turns in homework, it should have a parent, older sibling, grandparent etc. signature. The signature tells me that it has been checked over. I don't have enough time to check everything, and it is helpful if I can see it's already been corrected.

We've moved on to unit 2. This unit focuses on animal classification as well as grammar, spelling, and morphology.

We're continuing to work on keyboarding skills and have made it through our first seven lessons. 

Unit Study (Science/Social Studies)
 Right now, keyboarding will take up our "Unit Study" time. As soon as this program ends, we will be hitting science especially hard. We've been able to fit Social Studies into other subjects during the day.

Students are allowed to bring a healthy snack to school to eat at their morning break. They are not required to do this, but some students are very hungry at this time and have a hard time concentrating on their work.
Have a super week!!!

Mrs. Sherratt

Upcoming Events...

Oct. 28-30              Red Ribbon Week
                                   ***Thursday--Wear bright colors
                                   ***Friday--P.J.s and Crazy Hair
Oct. 30                   Halloween--Party in the PM
Nov.  5                   Mrs. Sherratt gone for training
Nov. 20                  Mrs. Sherratt gone half day for training
Nov. 25                  Thanksgiving break begins