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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 9th

    We all seem to be adjusting to our great new year in 3rd grade. The students are working hard to establish some great routines with homework and I'm seeing super results. Almost every child has returned his or her reading log every day, as well as homework assignments.  Way to go kids!!!! BTW, thanks for making sure to sign and return grade printouts last week!!
    I have taught all the times tables from 0 to 12 along with some songs and a few tricks to help students remember the facts. While we are continuing to review addition and subtractions facts, it would be very helpful for you to begin practicing multiplication facts at home as well (we're practicing at school too).
     You should have seen homework from the GoMath program (and 1 multiplication page) last week. Expect to see math homework Monday through Thursday. We'll take Fridays off!!
    We're continuing to work out the kinks in our new language arts program. So far the students seem to be enjoying our first story, "The Wind in the Willow."
     The "Me Museum" was a hit! I loved seeing the fun items the students brought in. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to talk with students longer about their items.
    Hopefully you were all able to access the information needed to sign PowerSchool forms from the message I pasted below...
     Mr. Oldroyd sent a Powerschool clarification (I'm just copying and pasting for you--hope it helps)...
"If parents are going in to sign permission forms on Powerschool, which they all should unless they don't have internet access, they do not need a user name and password from the school. They need the user name and password they came up with when they created the account. Here is a district link that has the Powerschool Parent Portal and the Powerschool Parent Portal account creation instructions. Please let the parents of your students know this. "


Math--September 8 - September 18
Tuesday:      1.4   Mental Math Strategies for Addition
Wednesday: 1.5   Using Properties of Addition
Thursday      1.6   Use the Break Apart Strategy to Add
Friday           1.7   Use Place Value to Add
Monday        Mid Chapter Checkpoint
Tuesday        1.8   Estimating Differences
Wednesday   1.9   Mental Math Strategies for Subtraction
Thursday       1.10 Use Place Value to Subtract
Friday            1.11 Combine Place Value to Subtract

     What sweet kids you all have. Thanks for letting me spend my days with them

Mrs. Sherratt

Upcoming Events...

September 9         Mrs. Sherratt gone for district meetings
September 11       Book orders due
September 12       Back to School Bash @ Aquatic Center from 6:30-7:30
September 14       Health Screening
September 16       Hearing Screening
September 16       Mid-term
September 25       Spring Pictures
Sept. 28-Oct. 2     S.E.P. Week--out at 2:30 daily
Oct. 9                   Parent Helpers Begin from 8:45 to 9:30 on Fridays