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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

     Can you believe we're almost a full week into the school year?? We've been very busy over the past few days. The students have been working hard to learn the rules and procedures for our classroom. They've all been so willing and excited to learn new third grade things and I'm impressed with how quickly they're catching on. Woohoo Third Graders!!
     Thanks you all for the donations you supplied for our classroom and for all the volunteers who are ready to help out in the classroom (Times table help from 9-9:30 on Fridays will begin the first week of October).  I appreciate your help immensely!!!
     You've probably seen the reading log coming home this week...the kids are working hard to get in the habit of reading each night and returning the reading log to school each morning. They should be reading for 20 minutes and writing about their reading for 5 minutes each night.  They need at least three sentences written each day. The reading log is worth 10 points per day for a total of 50 points per week.
     We are currently working on learning/reviewing multiplication facts and place value concepts. We will begin working in the GoMath workbooks once we're finished with the review. You can expect to see homework come home once we've started the GoMath work.
     The new language arts program is going okay. We're just getting our feet wet with this program, so as I learn more and become more comfortable with the program, I'll keep you informed.
     Mr. Oldroyd sent a Powerschool clarification (I'm just copying and pasting for you--hope it helps)...
"If parents are going in to sign permission forms on Powerschool, which they all should unless they don't have internet access, they do not need a user name and password from the school. They need the user name and password they came up with when they created the account. Here is a district link that has the Powerschool Parent Portal and the Powerschool Parent Portal account creation instructions. Please let the parents of your students know this. "

     I'm so grateful to have your sweet child in my class this year! Thank you for all of your added support.

Mrs. Sherratt

Upcoming Events...

August 28             Me Museum presentations
September 1         Kindergarten begins 
September 7         Labor Day Break
September 11       Book orders due
September 12       Back to School Bash @ Aquatic Center from 6:30-7:30
September 14       Health Screening
September 16       Hearing Screening
September 16       Mid-term
September 25       Spring Pictures
Sept. 28-Oct. 2     S.E.P. Week--out at 2:30 daily