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Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th

Dear Parents,
       I'm afraid this school year is going to be over in a blink. I'll be sad...your kids are spectacular. I hope the month of January has gone well for each of you.
       During the first two weeks of the month we were pretty busy practicing for the program the 4th grade classes were in charge of. Every one of the students were wonderful and the program was a success.
      We've also spent a fair amount of time working on the SAGE Interim tests. The interim test is meant to give students the opportunity to become familiar with the testing procedures and allow time for extra improvements. (Our official SAGE Writing test dates are 2/11 and 2/18 with the remaining testing to be held in April.)
      Mr. Macklin has also been a positive influence in our classroom this month as he taught the students about violence prevention and drug and alcohol prevention.


Math: Chapter 8 test went very well and we're now working on chapter 9 concepts.
Chapter 9:
1/22  9.1--Relate Tenths and Decimals Homework:171, 172
1/26  9.2--Relate Hundredth and Decimals Homework: 173, 174
1/27  9.3--Equivalent Fractions and Decimals Homework: 175, 176
1/28 9.4--Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Money Homework: 177, 178
1/29  9.5--Problem Solving/Review Homework: 179, 180
1/30  9.6--Add Fractional Parts of 10 and 100 Homework: None

A note from Mrs. Coonen:  There is homework help in the library on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:00.  Parents are expected to pick up their students promptly at 4:00.

Spelling: Lis #15 Bonus Words: atmosphere & meteorologist 

Science: The students had a great time using their engineering design skills to create their own water cycle chambers, they are testing today and we'll move on to weather in the next few days.

Report: Students should be working on a biography about an ancestor. Those reports are due on or before February 27th.


1/26  Movie Night   Show times 5 and 7
1/30  Homework Club (eat lunch in the classroom with Mrs. Sherratt)
2/11  SAGE Writing Assessment--day 1
2/13  Midterm
2/18  SAGE Writing Assessment--day 2
2/16  No School--President's Day
2/23  Green Ribbon Week
2/27  Biography Reports Due

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12th

Dear Parents,  
     I can't believe we're already into the second week back from our fabulous holiday break. Speaking of the holiday break, thank you all for the thoughtful gifts. Not only do I feel a bit spoiled and very blessed  to be apart of these wonderful kid's lives, I also get gifts of appreciation from them. Best job EVER!!!
    Oh how the time flies when you're having fun (and working hard)!! We kicked off the new year with some great work last week. One of the more impactful and positive highlights from last week was the change in homework. The students are now bringing home math homework each night, Monday through Thursday (if they don't complete it in class), and we're checking it together each morning. We also established a homework club that the students are excited about (If your curious, ask your student to explain this to you.) I can already see how beneficial this has been for the students as many of the concepts are solidified for the them as we work together in class. This way of doing homework has also motivated some of the students to stay more focused during their regular math time in order to take advantage of a bit of extra time in class for homework, and time to ask me questions they may have about the homework. Thank you for your support in this change, from this end it has been very positive.


Math: Chapter 7 test is scheduled for Monday, January 12th.
Chapter 8 is a short one...
1/13  8.1--Multiples of Unit Fractions Homework:155, 157, 158
1/14  8.2--Multiples of Fractions/Mid-Chapter Checkpoint Homework: 159, 160
1/15  8.3--Multiply a Fraction by a Whole Number Homework: 161, 162
1/16  8.4--Multiply a Fraction or Mixed Number by a Whole Number Homework: None
1/20  8.5 Problem Solving/Review Homework: 167, 168
1/21  Chapter 8 Test

Spelling: Lis #14 Bonus Words: evaporation & condensation (repeat words)

Reading/Writing: We've been working on sequencing and summarizing as well as journal writing in response to reading. I have also seen some great growth in reading this year, so keep working hard at home each day. The students have been working on an informative writing piece about water conservation and we will continue to do lots of writing in preparation for the Sage writing test that's coming up shortly. We've also been working on parts of speech and grammar.

Science: Thank you for sending in 2-liter bottles. We still need more, so if you've got any, keep 'em coming!  We will finish our studies of the water cycle shortly and begin talking about weather.

Report: Information to come


1/16   MLK Assembly--Dress
1/19  MLK Day--no school
1/19-1/23  Guest speaker--drug prevention
1/26  Movie Night 
1/30  Homework Club