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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2014

Dear Parents,
      I apologize for the extremely long amount of time between blog updates.  We have been keeping very busy here in the 4th grade. As you know during the past couple of months we've been on a couple of field trips, had a few long vacations, studied chapters 3-5 in math, completed mystery reports, and had guest speakers to enhance our learning. The students have also been hard at work in their writing as well as reading. We've studied rocks, minerals, and soil in our science unit as well as amphibians. We've been busy and we plan to stay busy over the next three weeks as we anticipate yet another break.

  • Math - We have begun studies in chapter 6--FRACTIONS!! 
**6.1  Equivalent Fractions
**6.2  Generating Equivalent Fractions
**6.3  Simplest Form
**6.4  Common Denominators
**6.5  Problem Solving
         Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
**6.6  Compare Fractions Using Benchmarks
**6.7  Compare Fractions
**6.8  Compare and Order Fractions
  • Science - You can help our class out as you eat, drink, and celebrate during this holiday season.  We will beginning our water cycle unit shortly after we return from Christmas vacation and each students will need 3, 2-liter soda bottles.  We will be making water cycle chambers and each student needs 3 in order to do the project.  Please send them rinsed out, labels off, and with lids.  Clear bottles are always nice, but any color will work. All 3 bottles do need to be the same shape. 
           In the mean time, we will be studying Utah land zones, plants, and animals.

  • Spelling - We are currently working on list # 10. Bonus words are numerator & denominator. Please help your child study their list each day--I can see a huge difference in results when the words are studied.

  • Homework - 
  • Math pages 101-104. Please guide your child through his/her homework, checking as you go.
  • Nightly reading.  Your should have seen a couple of notes yesterday.  We are         doing a Reading Challenge with Thunder Kids, so please note the required reading minutes for the months of December (690) and January (660).  
Important Dates:
  • December 15 - 19, We will be singing around the tree each day this week!
  • December 16,  Book Mobile
  • December 22-January 4, Winter Break
Thank you so much for sending me such sweet kids to work with--they are each among the blessings I count daily.
Bev Sherratt