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Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 27

Dear Parents,
         Thank you for returning the orange S.E.P. form.  Remember that S.E.P.s will be held next week and school will be let out at 2:30 each day.

**Tuesday--Library & Music
Science to come...  We will continue to review and study the water cycle and weather units, including weather tools and weather data. We will then move on to study fossils in the next few weeks. 
Writing:  We will be using a template this week to review basic writing skills and using summary skills to retell.
Spelling: List #20 Bonus words: meteorologist & anemometer
Math: Topic 10--Fractions  The students are completing the Topic 10 test and we will move on to Topic 11. Topic 11 covers adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.
Reading: We've been focusing  our reading time on fluency and comprehension, spending a great deal of our time studying subjects across the curriculum (mainly water cycle, weather, and social studies). 
Book Report: Last week the students shared their science fair project ideas--it sounds like they're going to be great!!!  The science fair will be held on March 22, 2012.
Upcoming Events
February 27th     South Elementary Spelling Bee
February 29th     Guest speaker Kodi Shoppmann--animal review
March 1st            CMS Band Performance
March 1st            Marvin & Jesse Assembly--Honesty
March 2nd          CMS Orchestra Performance
March 3-9th        SEP WEEK--school is out at 2:30 daily
March 16th          End of 3rd Term
March 16th         Spring Pictures
March 22nd        Science Fair
April 30th           Battle of the Books

Thanks so much for all you do at home, and for sending such awesome kids to school each day!!!

Mrs. Sherratt